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Contra Costa County DUI Lawyer

Protecting Your License & Defending Against DUI Charges

A DUI charge can significantly disrupt your life, casting long shadows on both your personal and professional spheres. It's not just about facing potential jail time; every corner of your life can be affected by a DUI. Your driving privileges can be immediately impacted, making everyday activities like commuting to work or taking your children to school challenging. Furthermore, the financial burden of fines, increased insurance rates, and legal fees can strain your resources. On the professional front, a DUI conviction can tarnish your reputation, jeopardize employment opportunities, and, in some occupations, result in job loss. The emotional toll, including stress and embarrassment, can also affect your relationships and overall quality of life. However, you do have options available to you.

Anthony Blalock, with his wealth of experience as a Contra Costa County DUI attorney, understands the intricacies of DUI laws and the critical nature of a prompt and strategic defense. He focuses on minimizing the severity of punishment and safeguarding your privileges wherever possible. Whether it’s negotiating lesser charges, advocating for alternative sentencing, or challenging the evidence to avoid conviction, Anthony is committed to preserving your way of life. His personalized approach to each case ensures that you receive a defense strategy tailored to maintain your professional standing, keep your driving privileges intact, and protect your personal relationships from the fallout of a DUI charge.

Serving Contra Costa, Alameda, Marin, San Francisco, and San Mateo Counties

If you are facing a conviction for DUI, entrust your case to our DUI defense lawyer in Contra Costa County. Get a FREE consultation!


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Save Your License!

If You Do Not Act Today, The DMV Could Suspend Your License For All Purposes.

How Our Contra Costa County DUI Defense Attorney Can Help You

DUI defense is a highly complex and constantly changing area of the law. Protecting an individual who has been arrested requires a skilled and experienced professional that can deliver a focused solution.

A DUI lawyer acts as both a shield and a strategic guide through the complex maze of legal proceedings. By leveraging their deep understanding of DUI laws, these attorneys help mitigate the consequences of a DUI charge. Whether exploring defenses or negotiating with prosecutors, your attorney will work to ensure your legal rights are fully protected.

Services provided by DUI attorneys include:

  • Thorough Case Evaluation: Analyzing every detail of the arrest and charges to identify any procedural errors or possible defenses.
  • Evidence Review: Gathering and scrutinizing evidence, including breathalyzer results and police reports, for any inconsistencies or inaccuracies.
  • Legal Representation: Offering skilled representation in court hearings and at DMV hearings to contest the suspension of driving privileges.
  • Plea Bargaining: Negotiating with prosecutors to reduce charges or penalties, potentially avoiding jail time for lesser sentences such as community service or DUI school.
  • Trial Representation: Preparing and presenting a strong defense in trial if a plea agreement can't be reached, aiming for acquittal or dismissal of charges.
  • License Restoration: Assisting in the process of restoring driving privileges whenever possible, including navigating the complexities of DUI penalties and requirements.
  • Legal Advice and Support: Providing knowledgeable advice on navigating the legal system and ongoing support throughout the legal process.

Bay Area Attorney Focused Exclusively on DUI Defense

At The Blalock Law Firm, PC we only defend DUI cases. We approach all of our clients with compassion and unequaled dedication to obtain the best possible results. Our Contra Costa County DUI lawyer personally handles all aspects of the case, including the DMV hearing and all criminal court appearances. During our initial free consultation, we focus on reducing our clients’ anxiety by providing them a sense of control and an honest assessment of the process, timeline, and best and worst-case scenarios.


Experience Matters

We Can Help You With the Following:
  • Protect your driver's license.
  • Answer all your questions so you don't have to stand alone against the system.
  • Arrange alternative sentencing instead of jail, in most cases.
  • Fight your case all the way through trial, when appropriate.
  • Appear in court for you, so you will not have to appear in court, in many cases.
  • Give you up to date, current advice for your exact problem.

DUI Is All We Do

Our Contra Costa County DUI lawyers can offer our assistance and expertise in advising and assisting you, as you deal with this matter.

Our Clients Say It Best

Read Some Reviews From Our Happy Clients Below!
    "I never had to go to any court hearings, my DUI case was dismissed totally."

    Thank God I called Mr Blalock! I felt better from my 1st contact with Mr Blalock, he spent over an hour explaining my case & ...

    - Jack
    "Mr. Blalock is without a doubt the best lawyer anyone could want in their corner. I cannot say enough about his extensive knowledge of the law and absolute professionalism inside and outside of the courtroom."

    Mr. Blalock is without a doubt the best lawyer anyone could want in their corner. I cannot say enough about his extensive ...

    - Trevor
    "BEST BEST BEST Lawyer in this area- I'm so grateful!"

    I probably should've got a DUI but he was successful and getting my charges lowered to reckless driving. He was very ...

    - Siebel
    "This is an excellent lawyer who worked a miracle for me and my family."

    I hired Anthony to defend me for 2 DUIs and in the meantime I got a third. It looked bleak with an expected sentence behind ...

    - Anonymous
    "Couldn't have asked for better help! Anthony Blalock is the right man for the job!"

    I was recommended by a friend to hire Mr. Blalock as my lawyer and I couldn't have made a wiser decision than that! Took care ...

    - M.R.
    "Took care of everything. I mean everything!"

    He kept me up to date on everything that happened. I had a 2 day notice before he went to any court case on my behalf. The my ...

    - Anonymous
    "I would sincerely recommend his help to anyone in need! Anthony Blalock is magnificent lawyer."

    Anthony exhibited and incalculable amount of skill in his ability to represent my case with specific details ,which resulted ...

    - Kimberly
    "Anthony Blalock is awesome!"

    Anthony represented my father in a DUI case. He was able to get the sentence reduced to a Wet Reckless! Anthony made us feel ...

    - Anonymous

We Are Passionate About Protecting
Your Rights

99% of our clients never spend another minute in jail.

  • Attorney Blalock personally attends court and the DMV Suspension Hearings.
  • Attorney Blalock received specialized Training in DUI at Harvard Law School.
  • Affordable Flat-Rate Fee with Payment Plans.
  • Free Letter to DMV in the 10 day window. 

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